Question from the Internet:

“What are some of the things you would suggest for the improvement of your community as a student?”

To improve any community, at any stage of our lives, we need to improve the mutually responsible, mutually complementing interconnections, cooperation between people.

Since we evolved into a fully integrated, interdependent world, since the success, prosperity, the health of an individual is intricately intertwined, depends on the success, prosperity, and health of the collective we have to put our primary focus on turning the instinctive, ruthless competition, success at each other’s expense to positive, constructive cooperation, making calculations for the wellbeing, benefit of the whole collective.

This transcends any of our arbitrary human ideologies, philosophies, activism, as we have to do so according to Nature’s strict, unchanging laws that sustain the balance and homeostasis life depends on.

Question from the Internet:

“What are the human advantages, disadvantages, strengths, and weaknesses?”

I am sorry that my answer is a bit indirect, but we do not need to look at ourselves as beings with advantages, disadvantages, strengths, and weaknesses.

We are the “products” of a lawful, deterministic, evolutionary Natural…

Question from the Internet:

“What can you do to change the world? How?”

I can change the world only by changing myself. This is true in multiple ways.

First of all, the world I see, feel is how I perceive it through my own qualities. Since our perception of reality…

Question from the Internet:

“Is it possible for a human to lack sapience?”

By default, we lack sapience, true wisdom. Our name, “homo sapiens” — “wise human” refers to our potential, final, fully developed form, not to the blind, instinctive form we are born into and we still hold onto.

Question from the Internet:

“Do you think the world would unite if robots begin to target humanity?”

We do not need robots attacking us for unity. …

Question from the Internet:

“What percentage are you optimistic about the future?”

I am 100% optimistic and confident since a positive outcome in the future does not depend on us, it is predetermined by Nature’s evolution.

We will reach the most optimal, unique, unparalleled evolutionary human state, purpose evolution determined…

Question from the Internet:

“Before there was “nothing” then there was stuff. Is it a cyclical process? Will there still be “nothing”?”

We can say it is a cyclical process, a unique development, the evolution of the human observer.

Our perception of reality is subjective, thus we can never speak…

Question from the Internet:

“What is your purpose in life and how can you be part of flourishing science and technology?”

My purpose in life is the same as everybody else’s — regardless of people knowing about this purpose yet or not. …

Question from the Internet:

“Did fear of COVID-19 bring the world together or drive us further apart?”

I am afraid the facts on the ground show that we are more divided than ever. …

Question from the Internet:

“How is our understanding of the world influenced by the way knowledge is communicated?”

Our understanding of the world comes through education.

Without the right education, “inner programming” we cannot approach, adapt ourselves to the world, especially not human beings that are different from other animals…

Zsolt Hermann

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