Question from the Internet:

“Would you vote for a world government?”

The problem is that many people understand many different things about a “world government".

Moreover what we consider similar to “world government" today, like the UN or similar organizations, they didn’t exactly live up to the expectations, and instead became a “playground”, political circus for different interest groups that only care about themselves.

On the other hand in a globally integrated, interdependent world it is unavoidable to reach a certain kind of global leadership, decision making body to deal with the global issues, problems that are threatening our continuing survival.

But we won’t be able to establish such a global body, leadership with our present mindset, ideologies, attitude that is 100% self-serving, self-justifying, constantly succeeding at the expense off others.

So in order to create a “world government" that is truly effective and worked for the benefit of the whole world, first we need to change how we relate to each other, how we act, make decisions.

This can happen through a unique “Integral Education" that can teach us how to live and survive in a fully integrated, interdependent world.