Without the Human ego, we wouldn’t be able to achieve our evolutionary Human purpose

Opinion from the Internet about Human development, evolution:

“When we were hunter-gatherers our knowledge and instincts kept us in equilibrium with nature for a very long time.

The invention of agriculture blew the whole thing apart for it left many unemployed hunters with a hoarding instinct which led to empires, multiple religions and countless wars.

Worst, it led to a destructive technology that enabled a population explosion that did not acquire the knowledge for preservation necessary given the circumstances. Hence a disconnect from reality which will likely prove catastrophic.

Evolution did not do its job.”

According to a millennia-old empirical, Natural science — that has been studying Human nature compared to Nature’s system, evolution — it is exactly this way that evolution is doing its job.

Human beings have a different role compared to other animals that are instinctively, blindly integrated into Nature.

This is why Human beings are born with a uniquely Human, “cancer-like” ego that has been driving Human history. Until now this process has been blind, automatic.

Now as we are approaching our own civilization-ending explosion- following history’s recurring, vicious cycles — which could mean the end of our species, more and more people recognize our own inherently self-serving, individualistic, exploitative nature, program as the root cause of our problems.

Moreover many already feel and accept that this self-destructive ego is not only in other people but it is in them as well, in all of us.

This is the recognition where true Human development starts, when we can take our evolution, progress into our own hands.

Through we can learn how to integrate into Nature’s balanced system consciously, proactively with our own efforts.

This all wouldn’t be possible if evolution didn’t give us the opposite program, the ego to start with. We wouldn’t have the necessary contrast, independence from Nature, we wouldn’t be able to verify what we attain through integration into Nature against our original lifestyle paradigm.

Thus the ego is not “evil” or “sinful”, without it we couldn’t achieve our very special, unparalleled evolutionary Human role in Nature.

We just need enough people who can start the conscious development before waiting for even greater crisis, intolerable suffering to force us. Then these pioneers can pull the rest towards safety.