Will the present riots in the US permanently damage the economy?!

The economy is already, permanently damaged. And it was already permanently damaged before the pandemic.

What we are watching now is a sad end-game, a prelude to an election campaign, as people on the top - closed into their ivory towers - still don’t understand that the game is over and we have to change our Human system in a fundamental, unprecedented way.

We can’t continue pressing with the old/present, unnatural, excessive overproduction, overconsumption system, constantly exploiting the Human and natural resources for the profit of the few in a Natural state that is fully integrated and lives by a fragile balance and homeostasis Humanity is also obligated to keep.

The state we are in can’t be changed by political, economic, social changes, can’t be changed by riots, revolutions or wars like before. (We can, of course, try to incite such scenarios but we won’t be able to control them, and even through terrible destruction we won’t reach any improvement).

We all need to learn - through a special, purposeful, and highly practical educational method - how to adapt ourselves to Nature’s integral system by consciously, methodically building mutually responsible, mutually complementing global connections above inherent differences, despite the instinctive mutual distrust, animosity.

Our good future depends on finding our compatibility with Nature’s fully integrated, “one for all, all for one” template, above and against our inherently egotistic, exploitative nature.



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Zsolt Hermann

Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.