Will the pandemic cause or prevent wars?!

In A Silent State

So far the Covid-19 virus stopped already ongoing armed conflicts, reduced tensions as everybody was focusing on their own individual, national survival, locked into their own homes.

Moreover the pandemic and the lockdown also stopped processes, geopolitical conflicts, proxy-wars that were threatening to expand to larger, even World Wars.

Since the economy stopped even the “Cold-War-like” trade wars became subdued.

Fragile Transitional State

Now we are slowly exiting the lockdowns, entering a new phase where a probable, significant socio-economic crisis will reveal itself. As any similar turmoil before in history, it can lead to social breakup wars, even World Wars like it happened in the 1930s.

At the same time the quarantine gave us some thinking time, to assess our situation, make some important decisions about how to continue life from here, how to rebuild our socio-economic system, especially if the crisis wipes out a lot of the activities we took for granted before.

We received a free choice previous generations - going through the recurring vicious cycles of history - didn’t have.

Conscious Choice

So if there will be wars or won’t be wars won’t depend on the virus, but it will depend only in us, how we decide what to do with our future, if we want to blindly sleepwalk back into the previous kind of life - which will inevitably lead to wars as each time before in history - or we are ready and brave enough to make fundamental changes, without wars, without revolutions.

We will have to approach this coming transitional state consciously, throwing out the previous scripts, blind instinctive reactions. The most important is to secure the basic, healthy, natural necessities for everybody in each country, while providing a basic work for all, where they can feel themselves contributing to society.

Positive Development Based On Nature’s Template

With a new educational method, “positive propaganda” - as opposed to the usual incitement, scaremongering, sensationalism - we need to build mutual trust, a sense of mutual responsibility across the whole social spectrum.

Only this way can we defuse the usual instinctive, explosive processes within nations, between nations while - also through the unique, purposeful and practical education - we all learn together, how to rebuild our Human system on much better, sustainable foundations following the ready-made, perfect templates we find in Nature’s system.

After all we exist in this system and all of its laws sustaining balance and homeostasis are binding to us as well!



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Zsolt Hermann

Zsolt Hermann


I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.