Will the Coronavirus create a more progressive society or a more dystopian one?

This is the question of the hour! And this is also our first actual free choice in Human history!

It all depends on whether:

  • we choose to continue following our inherently egocentric, individualistic, self-serving nature, the instinctive ego that drives us towards exclusive competition, success at the expense of others,
  • or we choose to learn how to exist, cooperate through mutually responsible and mutually complementing global connections as Nature’s laws if integrality and evolution’s direction towards increasing integration demands.

If we choose to follow our instincts we will descend into a dystopian society with all the terrible, graphic scenes Hollywood already predicted in movies like Hunger Games, Mad Max, not to mention the inevitable world wars as historically we do not have any other solutions for such crisis situations.

The only way of progressing positively — aligning ourselves with nature’s system and its evolutionary direction towards integration — is to learn with the help of a unique, purposeful and practical educational method how to become a single, integrated, global Human society, that exists and works as a single entity, through a unique collective intelligence, for the sake of the whole collective.

Then Nature’s system and its evolutionary force will also turn to become a positive, assisting force instead of pushing us through blows, increasing suffering until we yield.