Why would we want to disconnect from this beautiful Matrix we live in?!

Question from the Internet:

“Is social media-fueled misinformation one of humanity’s greatest existential threats?”

Potentially it is.

Even if we are watching films like the “Social Dilemma” documentary, we are completely unaware of how much we are brainwashed, remote controlled every moment of our lives.

Social media is only a part of this manipulation, as everything that surrounds us from mass media, marketing and the whole entertainment industry are parts of the same “Matrix” we live in.

Strangely enough even if we know about this, we still accept the brainwash, follow what celebrities and other actors, manipulators of the “Matrix” tell us, as overall they cater for our basic instincts, desires.

We don’t want to be free, disconnected, we like it that we are told what to do as long as they give us our “circus and bread” entertainment, we get our yearly phone updates, the clothes, perfumes celebrities use, we can travel to places Traveladvisor suggests, we can eat all the food we see on TV, we can enjoy royal weddings and royal babies, try sex like Hollywood actors, take the promoted mind numbing substances, etc…

And even when occasionally we see that this “Matrix” doesn’t lead to a happy ending, it is already in perpetual crisis, and there is no way we can go back to the same life after the pandemic, we close our eyes and reconnect again and again…

After all, who wants to disconnect from such a beautiful life?!