Why is the world as it is today?

Zsolt Hermann
3 min readMay 5, 2023


Question from the Internet:

“Why is the world as it is today?”

We are at the end stage of the blind and instinctive, inherently selfish, egocentric, and individualistic human development.

This phase of human evolution — where all our thoughts, calculations, decisions, and actions were only to acquire, accumulate and consume everything possible for ourselves while ruthlessly and exclusively competing with others and at the expense of others — has exhausted itself.

From the early and “gentle” beginning as “hunter-gatherers,” we have evolved into truly “cancer-like” selfish, narcissistic, and totally exploitative individuals that are ready to consume everything, including themselves, like hopeless addicts.

So what we see today is the result of millennia of self-serving, self-justifying, individualistic, and exploitative events and actions, the helplessly recurring vicious cycles of history, and the endless conflicts and wars that all originate from our inherent nature.

And now, if we want to continue our collective survival, we have to start a completely new and fundamentally different human development. We will need to willingly and consciously learn how to exist and behave above and against our inherent nature.

We have to abandon our instinctive consciousness, thinking, and behavior and take on ourselves and develop a truly Human existence that is not within our original qualities.

We have to “upgrade” ourselves by “downloading and copying” how nature’s myriads of extremely diverse and seemingly incompatible elements coexist and cooperate in a mutually responsible and mutually complementing manner.

We have to build a global human society where we can all become like healthy cells while our original qualities, desires, and inclinations also remain, but we will channel and harness them differently. This is something we cannot do on our own; we cannot achieve this even when we unite.

We need a special scientific method that can help us draw on ourselves and harness nature’s unique, evolutionary, life-creating, and life-sustaining forces that are able to give us the unique upgrade that will make us truly Human beings.

So far, we haven’t been Human. We have the potential, but as long as we follow our inherent nature blindly, we are not above the animal level in nature. We are actually acting worse than other animals since we consume beyond our necessities. We harm and destroy one another and nature ‘for fun” unnecessarily. In nature, consumption and “killing” always remain within the optimal parameters of natural necessities and available resources; all actions contributing to sustaining the general balance and homeostasis that life depends on.

We have to become “truly Human,” which means becoming similar to and integrated into nature, but consciously and above and against our instincts. It is this consciousness and overcoming our inherent nature which will elevate us above other animals that are blindly and instinctively integrated into the system. And as a result of this conscious self-development and self-upgrade — with the help of nature’s forces and in order to contribute to nature’s balance — we will achieve our predetermined evolutionary Human purpose in the system.

Through this process of self-upgrade and integration into nature by our own efforts, we gain such an intimate and total comprehension of nature’s system that we will become the natural system’s conscious mind and observer, with a tangible and realistic feeling as if we ourselves designed and controlled the whole system.

This is our Human purpose in life, and reaching this purpose is the only reason we are born into this world.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.