Why do both Capitalism and Communism fail?

Question from the Internet:

“Why exactly does communism go against human nature and always fail?”

It is because our inherent nature — regardless of whether we are aware of it or not, we agree with it or not — is “raw capitalistic”. We want everything only for ourselves through ruthless competition; we actually enjoy succeeding at the expense of others and taking what others have.

We all think that our world is “our oyster”, and we can dream about anything, want anything and take anything we like as if we existed in a world of infinite resources and infinite resources. This is the basis of the American Dream, and we all dreamt about having a part in it — even if we were not American.

But when we implement capitalism and even when we try to control it with different laws, sooner or later, a very unequal and unfair society is formed, where the more nimble, hungrier and shrewder egoists, who are more willing to sacrifice themselves and others to get what they want, end up at the peak of society’s pyramid while manipulating and exploiting the less nimble, less shrewd and less willing egoist masses.

And when this inequality becomes strong enough, the masses — with the leadership of some skilful and shrewd agitators start longing for a “socialist or capitalist” system, with the immediate aim of dethroning the “elite”, taking away what they have and building a “fair and equal” society where we are all the same.

But as soon as the revolution happens and the initial; honeymoon phase is over, our inherent nature kicks in, and the separation, layering of society with inequality, worsening control and manipulation of the masses start and increases until it breaks.

Then we swing back to capitalism until that breaks, and back to the “left”…. And so on until the end — which is total self-destruction our generation is facing.

We need to recognize and accept that by our instinctive nature; we are “raw capitalists” that want to accumulate and consume everything for themselves beyond actual necessities and regardless of available resources. But we also have to recognize and accept that blindly following our nature is against Nature’s laws and its general balance and homeostasis that facilitates life and optimal development.

We already know that communism forced on people does not work and inevitably causes oppression, terror and destruction.

So we need a unique educational method — based on the correct and empirical research of Nature — that can help us in adapting ourselves to Nature’s finely balanced and mutually integrated system, without suppressing or erasing anything. We need a method that can reveal and channel the incredible and irrepressible power of the individualistic human ego, harnessing it towards positive, constructive, mutually responsible, and mutually complementing existence on a global scale.

We need the educational method to help us understand viscerally feel how inevitably and irrevocably interdependent we are and that only when we organize human society according to Nature’s template can we survive.

Most importantly, this educational process has to be free, without any coercion and misleading propaganda — since only the changes people accept and make willingly through the understanding that they are for their own benefit can be sustainable and effective.



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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.