Why can’t AI replace Human Beings?

Zsolt Hermann
5 min readSep 28


Question from the Internet:

“Why can’t artificial intelligence replace human beings?”

This is a very complex issue.

First of all, AI can’t replace Human Beings because there are no “Human Beings” in the world yet.

Sure, we call ourselves human, but in relation to what natural evolution expects from us, in relation to the “final product” of Human development, we are only “humans” in potential.

In fact, at this stage, we are “robotic,” blind, and programmed like any other robot or AI.

We simply execute commands and act 100% according to our instinctive, egocentric, subjective, and individualistic calculations that care only about ever-growing selfish benefit and fulfillment and distancing the “self” from any actual or feared harm.

And while any other animal or plant makes similar calculations, the “humanoid version” of this self-fulfilling software has a sinister “upgrade:” We excessively overconsume way beyond our natural necessities, and we actually enjoy succeeding and surviving at the expense of others while gaining control and manipulation over others just to justify ourselves.

We have “perfected” this 100% blind and instinctive, self-justifying, and self-serving “robotic lifestyle” so much — especially in the West — that today’s “human” life is about a set of protocols, regulations, politically correct dogma, and different statistics. Everything is measured by quantitative measures and “efficiency,” and even people are categorized by numbers into different “classes” based on their monetary wealth or “influencer” status.

Interestingly, as long as we choose to remain these inherently selfish, egoistic, and controlling robots that live at the expense of one another, spending all our efforts and abilities on figuring out how to control, manipulate, and exploit others for our own sake, AI can actually replace us.

Any computer, especially AI — with the presently available data that is all based on the above “humanoid” activity — can make simplistic and controlling calculations and categorizations and come up with protocols, rules, and dogmas much better than we do.

Human history shows how the more efficient, ruthless, and unemotional nations and cultures fared much better and gained control and dominance over others. They are also the ones developing and worshipping AI as the next “celebrity” and tool that will solve all our problems since they cannot see the world beyond quantitative measures, productivity and rulership, and control over others.

The “problem” is that this robotic, egotistic, and exploitative “humanoid” life and development has come to an end. It cannot continue because it is incompatible with nature’s laws, nature’s operation, and evolution’s deterministic direction.

A “truly Human Being” has nothing to do with efficiency or quantitative measures, not even with “intellect” and control over others or control over life.

A “truly Human Being” is a 100% emotional creature that exists through desires, feelings, and emotional impressions. A “truly Human Being” exists through one’s emotional connection and attachment to others, feeding off that emotional attachment and sensing existence through providing existence and love to others.

This is something we need to learn and develop since, by default, we can all serve and love only ourselves. All our connections to others — even “love” — are only about fulfilling ourselves with any kind of reward, pleasure, and positive feedback. Without 100% self-serving, self-justifying, and self-fulfilling rewards or consequences, we cannot even move or breathe. This is how “humanoids” are born.

But we also have the ability to recognize that this is not the purpose of our Human development; moreover, we also need to recognize that as long as we remain within our instinctive limitations, we endanger our continuing survival in nature’s fully integrated system. We are incompatible with nature’s fundamental laws and principles that sustain and govern the general balance and homeostasis that life depends on.

In nature, each and every element is totally interconnected with all other elements. Although all inanimate, vegetative, and animate parts of nature have their own “individual survival” instincts and aspirations, they never go beyond “natural necessities and available resources” so they do not jeopardize the well-being and survival of the whole. Moreover, when it is necessary, they even sacrifice their own individual survival for the well-being and optimal development of the whole.

In nature, this unfolds instinctively. Stones, plants, and animals are not aware of their roles and how and why they fulfill their purpose. The prey is not aware of performing a positive role by becoming the food for the predator, and the predator does not kill and consume for selfish delight or the “taste and delicacy” of the food. It is all preprogrammed and necessary for the overall balance and homeostasis of the system.

Truly, Human Beings” have a very different and much higher role in nature’s system. We have to become nature’s fully conscious, integrated but at the same time independent elements that can provide a conscious understanding and “mind” to the otherwise blind and instinctive natural system.

This is why we are born with a “raw” and undeveloped nature, with a “beta software” that needs further upgrades. This is why we are destructive and self-destructive in our original “prototype” so we can consciously and purposefully further develop ourselves until we can fulfill our predetermined purpose and role in nature.

“Truly Human Beings” have a very high and predetermined role in nature’s evolution. This is a role that requires true self-awareness, self-development based on our dormant emotional faculties, empathy, sensing, and fulfilling each other to the level of achieving “true or natural “Love” that permeates nature’s system.

We have to learn, practice, and implement a “Human” existence that is based on a nature-like, totally selfless, and unconditional mutual service and care for each other, which results in an overwhelming and life-creating sense of “Love” between us that can keep us operating above and against our inherently selfish, egoistic and exploitative nature. Through this “true or natural Love,” we will feel nature’s system from within and can escape all our inherently egocentric and subjective limitations like time or space, for example.

AI is a product and illusory dream of the undeveloped and self-destructive “humanoids” we are today.

Can AI replace Human Beings? I do not think so.

Thus, instead of focusing on AI, instead of worshipping it or fearing it, we should focus on our own development until we become “truly Human Beings” that can attain and control natural reality as its conscious, emotional mind and equal partner.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.