Why am I writing?!

Zsolt Hermann
3 min readApr 23, 2020

Most of my posts, writings about the necessity for Human beings to learn how to connect above their inherent differences, instinctive distrust, since without a unique, unprecedented integration between us we will remain incompatible with the natural system we are born from and still exist in. As a result, we will continue developing in a negative way, changing, moving on only when intolerable suffering forces us.

Many people wrote to me, complimenting my writings, but also calling them naive, utopistic, saying that Humanity is so much engrossed into stupidity, egoism that it is impossible to change people, urging me to try to focus my attention to my loved ones, leaving other people alone as they would just mock me, take advantage of me if I show a “soft side”, opening my heart.

I fully agree with the notion that the hope of changing, helping every Human being seems futile, utopistic in a world that is very deeply sunken into egoism, self-service, self-justification, narcissism.

For example now when we now received an opportunity to change our lives in this unexpected “vacuum”, “thinking time” the lockdown has given us — clearly seeing how harmful our inherent behavior is, knowing that the present system that is unsustainable, incompatible with the natural laws governing balance and homeostasis was already collapsing — still people like blind zombies just want to return to the same self-destructive Matrix they received the chance to escape from.

This is extremely frustrating and scary when even just using simply historical perspective we can easily predict where our world is heading towards within a short space of time — the most applicable parallel we have with our times is the few years before the 2nd World War…

So what can we do?!

I honestly do not care what people think about what I am saying, writing as I feel I have to simply disclose what I can disclose based on the unique, empirical natural science I have been studying. As others suggested I do not talk about it to my colleagues, I do not approach people on the streets, I even leave my family members alone if they reject what I am saying as nothing can be achieved by coercion, convincing people. People only change, take on new things when they develop a natural need for it.

But there is an ever-increasing audience for these thoughts. For example, in a specific “Quora Spaces” where I write, there are over 300000 followers and the number is sharply increasing every day. And even if some or most of the people who read it, shrug their shoulders and return to their “normal life”, the “bug” is already in their system. So when things start to worsen even more, they will remember that there might be another way, there might be a solution.

I am not a “saint” at all, I am acting from healthy egoism.

We are all sitting on the same global boat which is now sinking. If we can’t right this ship, if we can’t find at least a small, “critical mass” minority that can become the pioneers, the spearhead of the crucially necessary changes towards a better developmental path through mutually responsible and mutually complementing Human connections, then we will all sink and drown, including our families!

So do I have a choice if I feel I have something in my hand that might help, even just a handful of people?!



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.