Who or what controls human beings?

Question from the Internet:

“Who or what controls our lives?”

We are born from and still exist in Nature’s all-encompassing, mutually integrated, and interdependent system. We are also evolving and developing together with Nature’s system, although humanity has it is own unique development.

While we often think we are independent and we believe we can change, manipulate and destroy everything we like and want in Nature, in truth, it is like an embryo trying to destroy the mother’s womb from within.

Normally, we are not aware of how much our life depends on Nature, and whatever we do, invent, or create is simply copying and repeating the templates that already exist in Nature while using and combining elements that are available from Nature’s system.

Most importantly, since our “integral software” is also installed in us by Nature’s evolution, all our thoughts and desires are also “natural”; we are basically the quintessential AI that Nature created and programmed.

In Nature’s system, life and optimal development is the result of a unique interaction between opposite and seemingly incompatible forces and elements. Wherever we look, we find the intricate and finely balanced interaction and cooperation between “positive and negative” forces and qualities.

Our whole existence — including our perception of reality — is based on the contrast between opposing forces and qualities. We would not be able to sense anything, including our own existence, if it was not for the constant and dynamic contrast and comparative research we automatically conduct all through our life.

In Nature, everywhere, the contrasting and negative forces are balanced, and they complement each other without revoking or annulling each other for life to unfold. There is no short circuit between these contrasting forces. Instead, they have a unique, mutual “dance” and harmonious vibration with an imperceptible separation and “respect” in between them that creates the “frequency of life.”

In human beings, this unique relationship between the opposing forces is “out of balance.”

When we look at ourselves and examine our desires and intentions in a unique “human laboratory” — focusing on the intimate relationship between people — we find that the so-called “egoistic and selfish” attractive forces are much stronger in human beings than the so-called “selfless and altruistic” or giving forces.

We are all making calculations only to magnify and fulfilling our own insatiable and ever-growing needs and desires. Human beings act like black holes, attracting and consuming everything only for themselves, even distorting “space and time” to suit their selfish intentions.

This is what is behind our excessively overconsuming and ruthlessly competitive societies, where we survive and succeed at each other’s and Nature’s expense, existing and behaving like cancer.

Thus, although everything that is in us comes from Nature, and overall it is always Nature and the laws of Nature that control us, human beings are inherently controlled by the excessive and much stronger negative or selfishly attractive forces, distorting the usual balance and homeostasis in Nature. It is as if Nature forgot to give us the balancing positive forces that are otherwise controlling and balancing the whole system.

This is why human society is so different from the rest of the system, spreading and destroying like cancer.

Nature initiated this “human imperfection” on purpose. We have a very special and very high evolutionary role and purpose in Nature.

And this role and purpose necessitated Nature to create us with this inherent internal imbalance. At the same time, Nature also gave us a uniquely human ability to recognize the destructive and “unnatural” way our initial operating software works and how much we are deficient in Nature’s positive forces so we could also initiate a unique self-upgrade process.

Thus while Nature initially controls us through the so-called “human ego,” which is cancer-like, Nature also gives us the ability and the chance to consciously and willingly learn how to restore balance in the system by restoring balance in ourselves.

Everything inevitably is controlled and governed in Nature by the system’s all-powerful and all-encompassing forces. But human beings received the ability and obligation to consciously learn to balance Nature’s opposite forces by sensing and controlling those opposing forces within them, constantly drawing and replenishing the positive forces from Nature to complement and balance the excessive negative forces in us.

When we learn how to complement and control our inherently more powerful and destructive negative and egoistic forces with Nature’s positive, altruistic, and giving forces, we actually and tangibly become like Nature, knowing “good against evil,” governing the system’s life-creating and life-nurturing forces.

By learning how and why Nature created us the way it did when we restore balance in us and this way integrate into Nature, we ourselves become like the creators and governors of the system.



I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.

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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.