Who is the true hero?!

The heroic ape

Humanity’s history is defined by our endless, stubborn attempts to become the ruler of our own destiny, to find a way to be the sole governing force in reality, to prove that we are the true heroes after all.

From the earliest moment, the early Humans came to enough consciousness to understand that they were born from Nature’s system and that they felt certain independence from it — contrary to other animals — the endless war for superiority started between mankind and our source.

It does not matter if we determined this relationship to Nature, or to a certain higher power or even multiple gods, Human history is about wanting to prove that we exist on our own terms, and we can do whatever we want, we can change, replace, erase and restore, we can create, invent and reform everything with impunity.

And interestingly it does not matter if one is religious or not.

Even the majority of religious people — in between their prayers and strict daily routine — are convinced (except a small minority) that they are in full control of their lives and they can act even against the laws, principles they otherwise believe in — when necessities so dictate.

I do not believe there are many — if any — people who can actually comprehend what it would be like to exist in a system that is 100% determined, controlled by a single, omnipotent force. If we felt ourselves in such a system we could not move any longer, we would become lifeless puppets!

So have we managed to become the heroes we always wanted to be?!

Looking at our generation — with our technological advancement, with all our historic experience, wisdom — as we are standing close to our own extinction event, I think we can all agree: we are not heroes at all.

We look more like apes shaking their fist at an oncoming tsunami on a small island, or the great dinosaurs marveling at the sparkling lights in the sky while the fateful meteorites were already close.

Moreover, our own extinction event will be the work of our own hands! It is us who push the self-destruct button by blindly, stubbornly following, justifying our inherently egocentric, individualistic and exploitative nature, original program.

Under Natural governance

The truth is that we actually, truly exist in a reality that is created and governed by a single, all-encompassing force, with a predetermined, relentless developmental plan. And our only chance for survival is if we reveal, identify this single force and we learn and follow the plan which also contains our own predetermined role in it.

But as they say “two kings cannot wear the same crown”. The system is purposefully set-up in a way that we can only identify, connect to this single force if we fully give up our own force when we agree to relinquish our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egotistic self when we pledge to become a selfless, transparent, objective observer of Nature’s perfect system, its “circle of life” and align ourselves to the system’s developmental plan.

It turns out that the true hero is the one that defeats oneself, that agrees to “disappear”, become a single point, or an “embryo” in Nature’s womb, to be born again as the above mentioned selfless, objective observer, witness!

Giving ourselves up

This is impossible before we start to get to know ourselves first. We cannot annul, sacrifice our inherently selfish egos, our all-conquering self before we reveal it in its full glory!

And most of us in our “normal” lives are completely unaware of this egotistic self. Most of us are convinced that we are basically pleasant, reasonable people who can connect to, help, even serve others going out of our way for others. All religions, spiritual teachings teach that there is some inherently good in all of us.

Only a few individuals who had to go through some terrible, inhumane situations, events had the chance to reveal what forces, desires, intentions drive them inside.

But there is another way.

Driving the ego to oblivion

We can purposefully provoke and drive our selfish egos to a breaking point when it senses that it can’t drive us any further, it has no further future right to exists, and then it yields. Only then can we finally sense and accept the single governing, natural force of reality to flow through us and enliven us with a completely different sense of existence.

This purposeful, methodical process unfolds in a unique, closed, mutually responsible and mutually complementing environment, where each member commits to working, make efforts for the single, above mentioned goal.

They have to make constant efforts towards a “mission impossible” that draws out the selfish ego and drives it towards that unique, fatal breaking point.

This mission impossible is trying to become similar to Nature, trying to clothe into nature’s qualities of selfless, altruistic, completely unconditional service of others. When the committed members of this unique society keep making efforts only for this purpose, magnifying the importance to reach the “Nature-like” selfless, altruistic love-of-others above everything else, the ego — like a previously hidden snake start to reveal itself.

It will use all possible means, tricks in order to disrupt the evolving connection, unity, mutual guarantee between the members, inciting criticism, mutual distrust, hatred. But if the mutual commitment, the bond between the members is strong enough, they can generate enough mutual strength, importance to keep balancing the increasing appearance and rejection, “fight for life” of the ego.

Recruiting Nature’s force

Our inherent ego is extremely strong.

It is exactly like the heroic fighters in Hollywood movies who keep getting up from the floor, refusing to give up, refusing to stay down and accept defeat. The members of this unique environment would not be able to defeat, neutralize the ego by themselves, not even together.

This is why they need a special method that allows them to actually recruit the assistance of the same Natural force they want to reveal, identify with. If their mutual commitment is strong enough, if they show enough determination, resilience in their efforts towards their selfless, altruistic unity in order to become like Nature, Natural evolution comes to their aide.

By their efforts and direction, they start matching Nature’s evolutionary direction which aims the whole Natural system towards full integration. When their determination, mutual effort reaches a certain necessary threshold, they reach a certain similarity with Nature’s evolutionary direction.

At that point, Nature’s force of evolution — which pushes the whole system towards integration — will become their partner.

This unique threshold, turning point appears just before the fateful breaking point, when the ego’s resistance and desperation are already at its peak.

The exodus from the Ego

This whole process is beautifully and emotionally painted in the Torah’s symbolic story about the Exodus from Egypt, where Egypt and the Pharaoh represent the all-powerful ego in us, while the “Hebrew slaves” are the members of the unique society wanting to escape the ego’s all-encompassing rule in order to attach themselves unconditionally to Nature’s system, its evolutionary direction.

The dramatic scenes of the “strike against the Egyptian first-borns” and the crossing of the sea symbolize the fateful, mutual pledge of the members of the environment, that above all, against all are ready to sacrifice, give up everything that belongs to the selfish ego, to their previous life, values, habits. Whatever happens, they are ready to “cross over” to a different life, when they have no more selfish, egotistic calculations any longer, but they are ready to selflessly, altruistically, unconditionally serve, love others, and the system.

This is not an external, physical transition. Those who are not part of this process would not be able to tell what these people go through. This is a very intimate, inner transformation, but still as dramatic as the scenes of the Exodus.

These people from this moment on will not live for themselves any longer.

This is a change in intentions, not in actions. But intentions determine everything. In truth — as we also know from quantum physics — the intentions are the true actions, determining, changing reality.

Thus these people, after “they crossed the sea” become able to control Nature’s system by aligning themselves to Nature’s developmental plan, always acting as Nature would act. By their constant efforts, constant self-adjustment they become so synchronized with the system, that they will act always a step before Nature’s evolution as if they themselves lead the process.

And there is no greater freedom than this.

By completely giving themselves up, by disappearing into Nature’s system, dressing out of their previous intentions, egotistic selves, they have become the greatest heroes, the willing servants, partners of Nature’s perfect, omnipotent system.

And of course, they couldn’t have achieved this very high, fully conscious observer, truly Human state without starting from, going against the stubborn, original ape wanting to rule, without revealing and defeating the Pharaoh.

This is why we are born inherently selfish and egotistic!



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Zsolt Hermann

Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.