Who is responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic?!

This is a very important question. As long as we blame others, certain people, certain groups of people, or nations we will keep missing the point.

It is true that usually there are more active, influential people with certain agendas that seem to drive what is happening. After all Humanity is rendered according to a pyramid model.

But in terms of our inherent nature, the desires, thoughts that drive us we are all the same. We are all born with an inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egocentric, and individualistic nature.

Those who are the most selfish, egotistic are on top of the pyramid, but we are all complacent.

We all built the artificial, inhumane Matrix together, a system that is built on excessive overconsumption, ruthless competition, survival at each other’s expense.

After all nobody puts a gun to our heads to blindly consume, accept the brainless circus, and bread entertainment we are bombarded with 24/7. Nobody is forcing us to queue for the new iPhone overnight or kill each other for new TVs (while we already have 3 at home) on Black Friday, or to spend the whole weekend watching the “iconic/historic” sports events endlessly or consume the readily provided alcohol, and other mind-numbing substances, or watch with misty eyes the royal weddings and royal babies and worship the endless chain of celebrities who became famous for.. (?!).

We are all too comfortable and think that our responsibility, civic duty is to vote every 3–4 years according to what the media and celebrities are telling us, and then we just continue our zombie-like existence until the next “free and democratic elections”.

Thus we are all responsible for everything that is happening around us, we are all responsible for all the deepening, seemingly unsolvable crisis situations even if there is no obvious direct cause and effect connection between what happens and what humans do.

And now when this Matrix is finally collapsing — as it is utterly unsustainable, it is incompatible with Nature’s system and its iron laws sustaining balance and homeostasis — we can hardly wait to return, and plug ourselves in even if it is impossible.

We are all responsible to finally wake up and grow a desire to become “truly Human beings” that are developing, existing consciously, building a new Human society together.