Who is an enemy of Humanity?

Question from the Internet:

“What does it mean to be an ‘enemy of humanity’ even though humanity is not a single entity?”

It is a very important question which touches everything that happens to us in our days!

First of all — while we are not aware of this yet, we do not feel it yet — Humanity is indeed a single entity.

Although from our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, individualistic viewpoint we sense ourselves as independent, unique beings that can seemingly do whatever they want, from Nature’s point of view Humanity is a single species, a single, closed, integrated, and interdependent entity, like a single organ within Nature’s integral body.

We are not at fault for not knowing, sensing this, as we are born with a certain “amnesia” about our true, fully integrated, and interdependent state. This is purposeful from evolution, as Nature wants us to recognize, our disconnection, our self-destructive tendencies as a result of feeling ourselves disconnected from each other and from Nature.

By this, we will have the opportunity to rebuild the mutual, unbreakable interconnections between us and restore our mutual connection with Nature consciously, purposefully, with our own efforts. And this will provide us with our unique unparalleled Human evolutionary purpose, being Nature’s only conscious, inner observers, witnesses, and partners.

This unique new, conscious phase in Human evolution starts with our generation. We can clearly see that our egocentric, narcissistic, individualistic and excessively overconsuming civilization is self-destructing and there is nothing that can stop this process. This will shake us up, will awaken at least a critical mass of people towards starting the new developmental process — consciously, methodically adapting ourselves to Nature’s integral template.

“Enemy of Humanity” will be those who already understand the necessity of this process, have the opportunity to enter and facilitate this process, and still decide not to do so. They are the ones who commit sin against themselves and others as though they have the free choice to improve themselves and by that help Humanity, still they do not do so.