Who can become true caretakers of the world?

Question from the Internet:

“What does it mean that we need people who have good values to be the caretaker of the world?”

In order to find people with “good values” that can become caretakers of the world, we would need to define what “good values” actually mean.

As we can see from a historical perspective and also from the events of our own generation, we all define what “good/bad”, “accepted/not accepted”, “moral/immoral” very differently.

This is understandable since we are all born with a completely egocentric, subjective consciousness, perception of reality. We simply do not have any absolute standards we can measure ourselves against, and even if we had something like that, we would all distort, corrupt that absolute standard according to how we see, interpret it, how we think it favors our own calculations, point of view.

This is why all those who appoint themselves to become leaders, caretakers are doing it from their own selfish, exploitative angle, and whatever we try it inevitably leads to conflict, explosion, and the well-known recurring historic vicious cycles both in our individual lives and collectively.

If we want to find people who could become true caretakers, benevolent leaders to others who lead by example, we would need to understand that we will never find the necessary absolute standard in ourselves, no individual can find “good values” as long one is totally under the control of one’s inherently selfish, individualistic, exploitative ego.

The “good values” we need to aspire to we need to find in Nature a perfectly balanced, integral system, where each and every element has its own irreplaceable, mutually contributing place and role, where each element “selflessly” unconditionally serves the whole collective, making calculations only for the wellbeing, optimal development and life of the whole system.

If we find people, who are ready to gradually learn how to build Nature-like integration above and against their inherently selfish, egoistic nature, if they are ready to form a completely selfless, mutually responsible, mutually complementing society with the aim to guide humanity towards similarity with, integration into Nature, then these people could become the missing caretakers, guides through fully understanding, attaining, partnering Nature’s system and evolutionary flow.

And then through them, with the help of their positive example, gradually everybody else can learn how to behave, act, exist above our inherent nature in similarity to Nature’s perfect balanced integrated and fully interdependent system.

Then through the acquired “good”, Natural values we will all experience, enjoy a qualitatively much higher, previously incomprehensible, collective existence.