Who am I?!

Zsolt Hermann
5 min readJun 9, 2020

Locked into the biological body

By default we define ourselves as this biological being we seemingly live inside with a personal, egocentric, and subjective consciousness. We are more or less resigned to the fact that — specifically since our consciousness and perception of reality is egocentric and subjective — that the world we sense, we seemingly live in is a personalized movie we play our role in, which move has very little, or any resemblance to true reality.

But what if what we consider “ourselves” is only a potential beginning, a seed of the true self we could become?!

What if I placed this seed into the right fertile soil I could grow, develop a completely different, “real self” that can exist in and feel reality as it is?!

By default, while living locked inside the seed I perceive reality by drawing everything towards myself like a black hole, then filtering whatever comes towards me according to my very basic, limited self-serving, self-justifying “pleasure/pain” calculations, discarding most of the information.

As a result, I simply serve an instinctive, animate-level day to day survival between involuntary birth and involuntary death in a dark, hostile world where I do not know what comes next, where fate throws me the next day and the day after.

But I could attain, start sensing, tasting, experiencing a completely different dimension of existence if I started perceiving reality in the opposite direction — away from the original self, ego.

Living outside of the original self — through love

I can place this initial seed — I have so far considered as my “self” — into a unique incubator, fertile soil, where from this seed a truly Human being can develop, grow out of.

If I let my seed “rot”, dissolve, annul in a unique Human environment among other such “seeds, each willing to give themselves up for each other, for the purpose of developing truly Human beings out of themselves a very unique process can unfold.

Even in our original, egocentric and subjective state, there is one condition that can — to a certain extent — take us out of ourselves, to make us act for the sake of another beyond the usual selfish calculations: LOVE.

The first, “hormonal infatuation” we encounter in our teenage years, in the early twenties and the love a mother feels towards her baby makes the person to “lose one’s head” and keep living through the needs, desires of the beloved other.

Though this “love” is still egocentric — we can’t love another without we ourselves also gaining pleasure from it — it gives us an indication of what “true love” could achieve.

“True LOVE” is a state we are unable of by default, as this love means a total annulment towards the beloved when the original self, “seed” completely dissolves into the other, existing only in order to sense and serve the desires, needs of the “beloved”, according to the viewpoint of that other without any selfish, egocentric calculations, distortions.

Building the true SELF through true LOVE

It is this “true LOVE” that the members of the unique Human incubator try to achieve towards one another — especially as they have no instinctive, familial, or hormonal attraction, connection to each other. Their only connection is their common purpose — to grow a truly Human being from each other.

Normally people — all inherently egocentric, self-justifying — feel instinctive rejection, distrust towards others they do not know, have no attraction to. Our original selfish self wants to feel itself higher, thus regardless of who those others are one feels constant criticism, negative judgment, frustration against them.

Only “true LOVE” can cover these negative, instinctive reactions our selfish ego generates when the connection to those others becomes more important than whatever the original ego considers important — one’s self.

Then as a result of this “true LOVE” people can start serving those others unconditionally above and against their original, instinctive, egocentric reactions, inclinations.

This way one’s perception, consciousness also changes, as instead of the default perception through attraction — as “true LOVE neutralizes, overpowers the gravitational field of one’s inherent black hole — the person develops a selfless, objective observer, that senses, tastes, perceives reality “away from the egoistic self” — towards others.

The new consciousness, perception this way will detach itself from any egocentric, subjective limitations, sensing itself above, independent of the coordinates of time, space, and physical movement!

LOVE from Nature

But where can we get this “mystical true LOVE”, if we do not have it in us by default?!

From Nature!

We exist in, we are integral parts of Nature’s fully integrated system. And Nature’s plan of evolution relentlessly progresses towards the most optimal integration of the whole, diverse system.

After all life, optimal development is impossible without LOVE — without the selfless, unconditional, mutually responsible and mutually complementing connection, cooperation of all comprising elements.

So when those people in the special, methodical Human incubator start building a “Nature-like” integration with each other, they start harnessing, drawing on themselves Nature’s evolutionary, life-giving force that governs, operates the whole Natural system.

As a result, when they reach a certain, necessary level of interconnections as a result of their methodical self-annulment towards each other, they start sensing Nature’s life-giving force flowing through their connections, enlivening them, helping each of them “outside of their” original selves to start existing through each other.

From single-cell to multi-cellular

Thus by being liberated through Nature’s force, acquiring the ability to exist, act above and against the original self, these people receive the ability to start building their “true Self” layer by layer, by those others they can attach to themselves through “true LOVE”.

It is similar to building a new, living, breathing body from a small group of initial cells that can create a living organ, then a collection of organs and finally a whole, complete body with its “systemic”, collective consciousness, intelligence as more and more people connect together through the same method.

In our age — when we gradually realize that we are all locked into a single, fully integrated, and interdependent Human system — this idea, the notion does not seem, feel as outrageous as before.

And actually our collective Human survival depends on rebuilding global, Human society with the help of “true, Natural LOVE”, when this LOVE can cover “all crimes”, all the differences, instinctive distrust and hate that has been separating Human beings, individuals and nations from each other for millennia.

Today we all need to learn, feel, attain that our true self is not the initial, instinctive biological Human with its limited consciousness and lifespan. The true, single Human being is all of us together when from our individual cells we build a single, Human super-organism with a unique, collective intelligence, the consciousness we can all access from our own, individual point of view.

And then we will all become able to sense existence in a completely unlimited, infinite, and eternal way — here and now with the help of the right, practical, educational method!



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.