While we have to integrate into Humanity, as a single species like other animals, Human integration is vastly different

Opinion from the Internet on “Collectivism” and “Individualism”:

There is nothing in Humanity as a collective, but an interaction of individuals. Humans are individuals, and trying to make a species of individuals into an insect-like mind hive is a Monstrosity. We are what we are.

“Just take a look at the Massive Evolutionary Benefits of Human Individualism vs insects, first, there is a reason why Evolution chose the path of individualism in our planet, is not the same to ha One Huge Massive Supercomputer, that having Billions of individual Selfawarecomputers that can discuss and choose From many Opinions. And there is more.

I think that you are a Collectivist, I am an extreme individualist, but I am really happy to interchange opinions, and ideas. Greetings.

Yes, it is very good to exchange ideas, thoughts, actually, this is what I am talking about, exchanging ideas, building a composite solution, an opinion that does not exist in either of us, and the more people participate the more complex our collective solution, opinion becomes.”

  1. I did not describe a state we are in now, but about a state that we will need to reach.
  2. We will have to adapt to Nature’s evolution which drives the whole Natural system — including Humanity that is one of Nature’s species — towards a most optimal, seamless integration.
  3. This has nothing to do with any of the “isms” we identify with, it has nothing to do with any political ideology, religions, spiritual teaching, or philosophy. It is about the laws of Nature.
  4. Humanity is extremely unique as by default we do not align with nature’s laws or its evolution as we evolved towards unique individuality, each person feeling oneself as a separate entity with a very strong self-awareness.
  5. This is purposeful from evolution as this “opposition” to Nature, our unique individuality will provide us with free choice and our unique revolutionary Human role: to become Nature’s objective, independent observers witnesses.
  6. For this role we have to possess an unparalleled duality in Nature; on one hand to be ‘outside” of, independent of the system, on the other hand, we need to reach similarity with the system, to integrate into it so we could examine and attain the whole system from within, seeing all the cause and effect process and evolution’s plan other creatures are blindly, instinctively following.
  7. So Human integration will be very different from all other species, as we will retain our unique individuality, diversity, even our opposition and hatred towards each other on one hand, on the other hand, we will learn how to unite and compose a collective consciousness that will be able to comprehend quantum reality and Nature from within. Such a unique collective consciousness will be unbound by the egotistic, subjective limitations of time, space, and motion.
  8. That collective Human consciousness will be in a completely different dimension any AI we can build with our present, limited, subjective, and egocentric mind, knowledge. We can’t even comprehend what we will become capable of.
  9. This is neither a utopia nor science fiction, we already possess the practical, purposeful method for building the unique Human integration and collective consciousness and thousands of people are already going through the preparation phase of this process which anybody can join.
  10. Reaching the above is not in question as Nature’s evolution if forcing us towards such integration between us and integration with Nature. The question, our free choice is only in what manner we reach it: through increasing, intolerable suffering, or proactive, purposeful, conscious preparation.



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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.