Where is God in the Coronavirus world?

God — Force of Nature

This is the interesting thing about “God”, that “He” is everywhere. After all if we talk about an omnipotent, all-encompassing force that “created” everything, then this force would be in everything, everywhere.

Purposeful Development

So if we imagine ourselves existing in such a deterministic, lawful system we could also presume that there is nothing random, accidental, surplus in the reality we live in.

Conscious Chance To Change Human Development

If we look at the virus through these parameters, we can notice the special lessons we received.

Partnering Nature

And when we make the necessary changes, fine tuning ourselves - more precisely our interconnections, cooperation - to Nature’s template, flow, suddenly we will feel Nature’s “circle of life”, evolutionary flow, steamroller assisting us instead of pushing us against our will as before.