Where do we go from here!!

After all the unprecedented upheavals of the first half of 2020, many are wondering, what’s next?!

This is where we have free choice!

If we continue blindly following our inherently self-centered, individualistic, exploitative nature without adjustments, we will follow history’s recurring vicious cycles and self-destruct our present civilization, probably through another, most devastating world war.

But we can choose another path - though for that we would need to change ourselves, we would need to change how we relate, connect to each other.

We would need to learn how to rise above our inherent nature and start connecting through mutually responsible, mutually complementing cooperation, making calculations for the benefit, well-being of the collective above the instinctive, individual and selfish calculations.

Then we could build a better, safer, more equal and sustainable Human society, rising to a qualitatively much higher, collective existence - also becoming compatible with Nature’s integral system.

So it depends on us where we go from here!