When we know how to solve global problems through connections, we will also have peace

Zsolt Hermann
1 min readSep 29, 2020

Question from the Internet:

“Will peace solve all the world’s issues?”

Peace is not a solution. War or “lack of peace” is one of Humanity’s problems caused by the same root cause.

Thus the actual, true solution we can use to solve all other problems will also bring peace with it.

We can’t solve our mounting global problems because we are unable to build positive, sustainable, mutually responsible and mutually complementing interconnections, cooperation.

We can’t do that as we are all born with an inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egocentric, exploitative nature. We thrive on ruthless, exclusive competition, succeeding, surviving at each other’s expense. This is also why we can’t keep peace, at the moment “peace” means a temporary state when one defeats, subdues the other.

Any solution starts with changing, upgrading our inherently “warring”, egotistic nature, neutralizing, complementing it with altruistic, selfless qualities we can “borrow”, learn from Nature.

Human beings are unique creatures that can develop, exist through an unparalleled duality, contrast between the original selfish, egotistic, hateful and the acquired, Natural, selfless and altruistic qualities.

Then we will know how to connect above/against rejection, love above/against hate, build and hold onto peace above/against imminent, threatening war, living through a unique, dynamic, fragile balance.

And of course the connection we build this way will give us the right platform for solving all the collective, global problems.




Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.