When we are all cells of as single body, others are more important than myself!

Question from the Internet:

“Why is everyone else’s needs more important than mine?”

Because those “others” are actually your own parts, like other cells of the body you are also one cell of.

Which means that your life depends on them to have everything, to function properly, as the unique, single “body” of Humanity needs all of its cells to be in the most optimal condition, most optimal integration to stay healthy and survive.

This is not mysticism or a sci-fi novel, but it actual reality in Nature’s fully integrated, interdependent system. Our inherently egocentric, subjective perception made us believe as if we were all separate, standalone entities that can do whatever they want.

Now the system shows us through the pandemic and other global problems, blows that we are unable to solve, that either we survive collectively together, or we all perish together! So in this situation it becomes our selfish, best interest to care for, look after others as we do for ourselves or even more, as without all the others being in the best shape, we ourselves can’t be in the best shape either.

We arrived to the very realistic, tangible time of “one for all, all for one”, or as unique, ancient sages expressed to the practical implementation of “love your neighbor as yourself”. And not based on religion, some political, social ideology, philosophy, but based on Nature’s most fundamental laws of integration.