When it comes to Nature’s laws, probability becomes certainity

Opinion from the Internet:

“This is a great starting point what you wrote:

“Now, if we recognize that our inherent nature will destroy us and we accept the need for change…and thus reaching integration with Nature”

Although, humans disagree about the hierarchy of values. Or put another way; which values or goals to prioritize. Also, which trade-offs are the optimal trade-offs. So, getting people to change and upgrade themselves to become the peak of evolution is not a straightforward matter since the priorities and goals are not aligned worldwide.

Another issue is that by using the absolute term to assume 100% probability in the phrase “will destroy us”. Many people will say “all the previous doomsayers have been proven wrong”. But more importantly, is the reason why they were wrong. They did not express their beliefs as a probability instead of certainty.

The problem with expressing certainty within a complex system is the main problem of induction. We can never rewind time to conduct experiments by injecting counterfactuals because of the irreversibility of time. We cannot conduct these experiments in the future because of path dependence and complexity that cannot be mimicked. Therefore, using the past as a general guide can help us determine which action is probability good or bad, but we cannot be sure in a complex system.

Expressed in probabilistic terms; our inherent nature may destroy us and will more likely diminish our welfare or well-being…unless we integrate with nature…”

I fully understand what you are saying, and this is how we usually look at life, thinking in terms of probabilities, assuming some leeway, incidental processes, as if we could determine, change outcomes as if we lived in an “open”, random world.

But what if we exist in a closed, fully integrated, and absolutely lawful system, where we are obliged to follow the laws or we destroy ourselves?

After all, we know from studying the law of gravity for example, that if I jump off from the top of a skyscraper without safety equipment, the probability of me dying, as a result, is pretty close to 100%.

If I eat something poisonous or live on an unhealthy diet for a long enough time, I become sick and die at the end, again with almost 100% certainty.

We exist in such a closed, lawful, fully integrated system that keeps balance and homeostasis life depends on, by very strict natural laws. If we keep breaking, ignoring those laws sooner or later we will self-destruct.

Previous “prophets”, “doomsayers” weren’t necessarily wrong. Human history is a recurring chain of vicious cycles, each causing greater destruction and each cycle is shorter than the one before.

Our societies are at breaking point, we could not handle a relatively mild pandemic, the climate change and concomitant environmental disasters, water shortage, pollution worsen each day and the previous generation did not have to face such threats.

Moreover, we know from history what “solutions” leaders choose when they can’t handle their societies any longer: war. The beating of war drums, cold-war atmosphere is already here, and again due to our technological advancement today we can paralyze, destroy a country through cyber-warfare without shooting even a single bullet.

This “seemingly” guaranteed, highly probable self-destruction might not mean complete extinction, it might come in 1 year, 10 years, or 100 years. But natural laws are strict and unchanging and if we ignore, do not follow them we will self-destruct.

Now our inherently self-justifying nature will do anything possible to ignore this, mock, this, reject this as we would do anything except to change, upgrade ourselves.

This is why it is extremely important that those who are more sensitive, who understand the system we live in and see what is coming come together and start the changes on themselves to provide the necessary positive example and template for the rest who will follow them later out of suffering, out of having no other choice.