What’s wrong with education today?

Question from the Internet:

“Is “lack of education” the problem in today’s world, or do people refuse to be educated?”

It is the lack of proper education that is the problem.

Our past and present education since the industrial revolution has been about simply producing “good producers and consumers” of goods, simply uploading enough information so people can find their place in the increasingly consumerist society, defining their purpose through work and consumption.

But this has nothing to do with our truly Human purpose in life, not to mention that defining everything through material possessions, wealth, selfish pleasure made us behave like cancer in the fully interconnected and interdependent world we live in.

Without the right, purposeful and practical education — that can teach us what our actual, predetermined evolutionary Human purpose in life is, and how we can adapt our inherently egoistic, individualistic, exploitative nature to Nature’s fundamental laws that sustain the general balance and homeostasis life depends on, we will not survive evolution but will self-destruct within this or the next generation.

Young people are ready to accept this, they are totally “over” our previous goals, aspirations for aimless, empty consumerism, the hedonism of the West especially, this is why they are seemingly lacking any interest and escape to virtual reality, drugs, wanton violence.

Everything depends on the right, purposeful “Natural” education we never tried, implemented before.