What is the picture of a perfect community, society?

Question from the Internet:

“Bring a picture of a community that you like most? How does this community enable or influence you to become a better person?”

I imagine I like the perfect “picture of community” as our cells and organs comprise our biological body.

As a result of their seamless integration, mutual circulation, communication, always making calculations for the sake of the health, survival, the life of the whole organism above and against any self-centered calculations creates, sustains life and builds a qualitatively much higher, “systemic consciousness” we feel as our “self”.

An initially self-oriented, self-centered “cancer cell” becomes a better cell by integrating with other cells to create a higher, collective organism. In Nature this happens instinctively, guided, governed by Nature’s forces, laws.

Now imagine what human beings could create if we consciously, proactively, willingly built the same connection, the same fully integrated, interdependent “organism” against and above our inherently “cancer-like”, egotistic, subjective, and individualistic nature?! Just imagine the collective consciousness, intellect we could build and use?!

This is not some kind of utopia, philosophy, or mysticism. We have the necessary, practical method to achieve this state which is obligated by Nature’s laws that govern the general balance and homeostasis and it is determined by Nature’s evolution.

We just need the conscious recognition of this need and our willing participation in the process that will be forced upon us by Nature anyway, with or without our consent.