What is the best possible setup for development, problem-solving?

Question from the Internet:

“What is the problem for which you are willing to pay if that is needed to get that problem solved?”

Wise sages wrote in a symbolic manner, that if you want to develop, grow, solve problems, then you have to make a goal and buy some friends.

This means that in order to move from one state to another, to develop from an actual, undesirable situation towards a better, more desired situation, one needs a clear goal, plan and then one also needs a mutually supportive, mutually complementing environment of like-minded people, who also make themselves the same goal, plan and willing to mutually cooperate to reach it.

Then we have to “buy” each other, so this small, purposeful environment becomes like a seasoned commando, never abandoning each other, pledging to support, pull and push each other towards the common goal above any difficulties, obstacles.

How can we “buy” each other?

By constant positive example, total dedication to the common goal, to each other’s success, being willing to everything possible and even beyond to each other.

This is how we can get problems solved and also move constantly higher, and ahead in life — especially in the fully interconnected and interdependent world of today, where an individual has absolutely no chance of succeeding alone.