What is the best form of education we need now?

Question from the Internet:

“What are some education or experience opportunities that people in their 20’s need to acquire in order to be successful in their 30’s?”

Today the most important education we can receive is the one that teaches us how to solve problems and survive in the globally integrated and interdependent world we evolved into.

Problem-solving and collective survival in this mutually integrated and interdependent world are not natural for us. We are all born as egocentric, subjective, proudly and fiercely individualistic, “standalone beings”, that thrive at ruthless competition, accumulating resources and profit for themselves, that obtain joy from succeeding at each other’s expense.

What Natural evolution requires from us now — to become fully integrated with each other like the cells of our own biological bodies — is totally opposite to the inner software we are “installed with” by default. We can see how desperately helpless we are when global problems — like the pandemic or climate change for example — would require selfless, positive, sustainable, mutually responsible, and mutually completing connections and cooperation.

We simply cannot do it even if our health, survival depends on it. We are not evil or sinful, this option of mutual cooperation, serving, supporting, caring for others as we do for ourselves is simply alien to us.

So what can we do when Natural evolution requires us to perform the same “evolutionary miracle” single-cell organisms performed about 400–600 million years ago, combining to create multi-cellular organisms for the clear, obvious evolutionary benefit?

This is why we need the unique, purposeful, and highly practical educational method that can help us not only understand, but to “viscerally feel” our total interdependence and how much we would all gain, benefit from creating the unprecedented, and unparalleled, single, living, mutually responsible and mutually complementing “Human super-organism” that can not only survive, but become equal partners with Nature.

Our Human advantage is that we can perform that same evolutionary revolution — that single-cell organisms performed blindly, instinctively — fully consciously, assisting us in becoming Nature’s integrated but at the same time independent observers, receiving all possible control into our own hands.