What is Kabbalah?

There are many different teachings, concepts in the world today that are advertised, taught under the name of Kabbalah. Most of such teachings, courses treat Kabbalah as some kind of mysticism, religion, philosophy, something that is mostly detached from people’s everyday, practical life.

While many of the above-mentioned methods can be very interesting, authentic Kabbalah is almost 6000 years old, it is the most precise, most researched empirical Natural science. It has been passed on from its inception from teachers to students through a long chain that reaches our days.

It mostly deals with researching Human nature compared to Nature’s perfect system, giving people the opportunity to correct, upgrade their inherently egocentric, selfish, destructive Human nature to become similar to Nature’s qualities, by that reaching similarity and thus full attainment, understanding of Nature and its evolutionary plan.

This is why it is called “Kabbalah” (reception, acceptance in Hebrew), as science teaches us how to use our inherently egoistic, selfish desire to receive fulfillment, pleasure, happiness in the most perfect, altruistic, benevolent way.

As this science is based on the most fundamental Natural laws, principles that sustain the balance and homeostasis life, optimal development depends on, there is no mysticism in it, there are no secrets about it. Simply by purposefully, methodically changing our attitude, approach to other people, and Nature we can fine-tune, upgrade our initially very limited, distorted, egocentric, and subjective consciousness, perception of reality.

And by that “upgrade” we will finally see the world, reality as it is without any self-serving, self-justifying, introverted distortion, corruptions.

This might be more boring, less spicy than some of the methods, teachings that are taught under the name of Kabbalah worldwide, on the other hand, this the Natural truth, a verifiable method that is approachable, available to all, providing guaranteed, repeatable results in “laboratory circumstances”.

Moreover reaching the above-mentioned similarity, inner understanding of Nature is our evolutionary Human purpose in life, so sooner or later everybody will need the authentic, practical method to achieve it, especially as even our day-to-day survival won’t be possible without rebuilding Humanity on Nature’s integral template.

Thus Kabbalah is not some theory, philosophical musing, teaching, but an extremely practical, scientific method that facilitates life, solves problems, helping us to become compatible with the lawful, unforgiving Natural system we exist in.