What horrors do we choose?!

Question from the Internet:

What horror may we face near the end stage of globalism?

We can face two kinds of horrors.

From a human point of view, we might soon face the horror of global self-destruction, our present, inherently self-serving, self-justifying, excessively overconsuming, ruthlessly competitive human system collapsing, burying most of humanity underneath. This can start at any moment from multiple sources in multiple locations.

Or we can face “horror” from the point of view of the so far all-powerful, all-conquering selfish ego, when we consciously, methodically learn how to selflessly, unconditionally serve each other and the whole natural system — by that solving all our present problems and rising to a qualitatively much higher, collective human existence.

This is our only free choice, which “horror” we go with, horror from the viewpoint of the dying human being, or we choose the horror of the ego, watching how we transition towards a nature-like, selfless, altruistic human existence?!