What does it mean to “feel the Creator” (or the force of nature) between us?

Zsolt Hermann
5 min readOct 31, 2023

By default, we are born with an inherently and 100% egocentric, subjective, and individualistic consciousness and perception of reality.

We are all locked into ourselves and experience life revolving around us.

We can’t see or feel others and the world ‘as it is” since we sense and digest only what we can use for our 100% self-serving and self-justifying calculations and aspirations. Moreover, since we constantly compare ourselves to others and try to prove and justify ourselves above and against others, our whole life is an endless and ruthless competition and fight for survival and resources.

Knowingly or unknowingly, we all succeed at each other’s expense and aspire to control, manipulate, and even destroy others for our own sake and benefit.

This is how we are all born; this is the “operating software” that drives us. And this is the reason why humanity’s history is an endless chain of helplessly recurring vicious cycles and why our own generation is stumbling from one crisis and conflict to another, inching closer to a seemingly inevitable and imminent self-destruction.

If we want to save ourselves from this self-destruction, we would need to learn and practice how to exist and experience life “outside of ourselves” and beyond the destructive, 100% self-serving, self-justifying, and exploitative calculations and actions.

Even without learning and practicing this, we have certain times in our lives when a powerful common experience lifts us out of ourselves and allows us to experience life through this powerful common experience that bonds us together.

Such positive experiences we can feel in music concerts, festivals, or large-scale sports events, for example. In a negative way, we can also feel this bond and the lack of concern about our individual state when a terrible calamity — war or natural disaster — strikes our communities. In these cases, even individual self-sacrifices for the sake of others are common.

All of these positive or negative instances of powerful unity and common experiences of everything that happens to us — without actually sensing ourselves — are temporary, and they need that powerful common experience that pulls us out of ourselves, at least for a while. Also, these experiences are still based on our inherent nature, since during the positive times, it is the collective happiness and joy, while in negative times, our animalistic survival reflex that bonds us together.

The unique common experience we need to survive and transcend our inherently egotistic, subjective, and individualistic existence is very different. It needs to unfold above and against our inherent nature.

We need to come to tangibly and realistically feel and experience the single force that created us and still enlivens us. We need to come to feel and partner “the Creator” — or the force of nature between us.

Unique, empirical natural scientists — who have been studying human nature in relation to nature’s finely balanced and mutually integrated system — explain to us that the single acting force of the natural reality we exist in is characterized by totally selfless and unconditional love and service towards everything in reality.

We can actually observe this single force operating in nature when we see the perfectly balanced, finely tuned mutual integration between all elements of nature — except human beings — in which mutual integration is the basis of the homeostasis that is the basis of life.

If we look at the cells of our own biological body, for example, we can see how much they exist and act only for the sake of the whole system while taking for themselves only what they actually need in order to maintain their crucially important mutual contribution.

Elements of nature — on the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels — do not actually sense this single life-creating and life-nurturing force flowing through them, as they are integrated automatically and unconsciously by default.

Human beings — in contrast — are born without this sense of mutual belonging, mutual integration, and mutually complementing cooperation. On the other hand, we have the conscious ability to learn and practice — against our inherently selfish, egoistic, and individualistic nature and inner program — how to build and sustain a nature-like mutual integration in humanity.

Thus, specifically and purposefully developing and sustaining this nature-like mutual human integration between us — above and against our inherent nature — will make us able to feel this single, life-creating and life-nurturing force flowing between us, as a result of the actions and intentions we show and implement towards each other that will be similar to how nature behaves.

We can gradually and practically learn and implement how to sense reality through the desires, needs, and viewpoints of others when we all commit ourselves to exist and act only to feel and fulfill the desires of others according to their viewpoints and expectations without any inherently egocentric and subjective bias or calculations.

When this unfolds in a unique environment where each and every member commits and devotes oneself to such existence, each member receives everything that they actually need and becomes totally free to enter each other and exist and act for the sake of others. This way, we all completely forget about ourselves. This is the greatest possible freedom in existence!

When at least a crucial, critical minority of people start to develop this kind of mutual integration between them that allows them to feel the “Creator” of our natural reality between them through the similarity of actions and intentions they achieve with this force, they will be able to exert such a positive influence towards others that more and more people will be willing to join them and choose this nature-like mutual integration above and against their inherent nature.

This will be an incomparably stronger mutual experience that can truly bond and keep people together. Moreover, as a result of this conscious and purposeful mutual integration, we will also develop a collective Human consciousness and a unique, composite perception of reality. We will be able to start sensing and perceiving reality above and beyond our usual, inherently subjective and egocentric limitations like time or space, and we will also realistically and tangibly transcend the sensation of physical life or death, consciously existing even after our biological bodies pass away.

This is something we can and have to achieve in our generation, or at least start the process towards such a collective Human existence. We will not survive this or the next generation unless we fulfill our unique and truly Human evolutionary promise.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.