What does it mean to be successful?

Question from the Internet:

“Shouldn’t almost all humans be hyper-successful now that we have the technology that gives us access to practically all of the human knowledge instantaneously? Why does our species seem to be floundering now?”

You are right. With the technology we already have we should easily solve all the problems we are facing. Moreover, we could easily provide a comfortable, natural, modern life to everybody fulfilling the basic necessities to all.

The problem is that success in our inherent vocabulary means something individual, self-serving and self-justifying, a success that means accumulating resources and profit for ourselves excessively, at the expense of others and Nature.

This is how our instincts, our insatiable human ego drives us. This is not evil or sinful, this is how Nature created human beings, we did not have any choice in the matter. Moreover — as we already know — our unique, individual desire for endless self-fulfillment cannot be suppressed or erased, it is our “matter”, engine.

But we can learn, understand, and actually feel that in Nature we are all intricately, inevitably interconnected and we all depend on each other. From Nature’s point of view — which is the true view of reality — we are but individual cells of the same, closed, integrated, living organism.

Thus through the right, purposeful and practical education we can learn and start feeling that true success means the success of the whole. We can realistically, tangibly sense that the success health, prosperity of others is just as important as my own since my survival and wellbeing are intertwined with the survival and wellbeing of the whole system.

When we start understanding, feeling this we will have no problem harnessing, channeling our inherent, instinctive desires, the power of the ego towards positive, constructive, mutual, and collective goals, purpose.



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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.