What do we have to learn in order to survive?

Zsolt Hermann
1 min readDec 19, 2022


Question from the Internet:

“What can you teach the world if you are opportune to teach something in the world?”

What we need to teach the world — and we have the grab all possible opportunities to do so — is that our inherent nature is incompatible with the world we live in, and as a result, we are approaching seemingly inevitable self-destruction.

We are all born 100% self-serving, self-justifying, individualistic, and exploitative. We all thrive at the ruthless and exclusive competition, and knowingly or unknowingly, we all succeed at each other’s expense, while humanity, in general, is built on excessive overconsumption.

At the same time, Nature’s system — the system that gave us life and still nurtures us and the system we still exist in and evolve with — is finely balanced according to natural necessities and available resources, and each part and element selflessly and unconditionally mutually integrates to facilitate the general balance and homeostasis that life depends on.

Through our inherent nature, we exist and behave like cancer in Nature and in human society.

This is why we urgently need to learn how to rebuild our connections and the fabric of human society according to Nature’s finely balanced and mutually integrated template. Only when we — as a single humanity — become compatible with Nature will we survive!



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.

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