Question from the Internet:

“Isn’t life without democracy just a dictatorship? How can you survive those conditions?”

On one hand a “non-democratic” society is not necessarily a dictatorship, as there are many different permutations of societal, governing systems.

On the other hand, even what we call “democracy" in the West today is not democracy at all, but it is closer to authoritarianism, a small minority exploiting the masses through an artificial Matrix.

Actually those who live in the West are in a worse situation than those who live or lived in Communistic countries for example.

There you at least know for certain your boundaries, the lack of freedom, while in the West people are made to believe that they are free, while they are enslaved to the constantly dictated, manipulated system to produce and consume products they don’t need, they can’t afford and that are harmful, to elect who they are told to elect, to watch and want as they are told without even realizing it.

We all need to wake up and reevaluate out lives instead of blindly following the brainwash we receive every day, we need to search for and find completely new values, goals, meaning in our lives.

In order build truly democratic societies we need to learn a lot about ourselves, our own nature, which prevents us from building better, safer, more equal and peaceful societies.