We will not survive unless we change ourselves first




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I am the Universe

What is life?!

What awaits us: civilization-ending disaster, or a bright, new future?

True Power

‘Neoliberalism’? George Monbiot and Others Mean Capitalism.

Why are we becoming more and more intolerant?

How to unlock your Supernatural Powers?

supernatural powers

How can Humans programmed for war make peace?

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Zsolt Hermann

Zsolt Hermann

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Forget Doomsday. Tune into Love, Gratitude, & Nature Instead!

Truth can be hard to take, but we must be ready for it when we find it

This Is What I Mean by Radical Human Potential

A man kneels on a sidewalk next to a homeless man, engaging him and an orange kitten in his arms. The homeless man seems amused by the man holding the kitten. Next to the homeless man is an open carry-out container with some partially eaten food, the spoon now resting in it. He also has a sign that says: “A lil helps a lot! Thank you! God Bless! Prayers please!”

We live beliefs, but we believe people