We will need to change our consumerist value to Human ones!

Opinion from the Internet about the values of society:

“If a persons’ self-esteem, feeling of self-worth, or feel good about themselves is based on the acquisition, possession, and accumulation of material things that money can buy, then yes, that is all there is to life (their lives).”

You are completely right. But it is not necessarily their fault.

We are the product of our society.

We measure everything, including people according to their monetary worth.

We can see how now, when the pandemic and the evolving socioeconomic crisis is wiping out the previous lifestyle, the rat-race, the endless brainwash through entertainment, sport, and other elements of the Roman-style “circus and bread”, people feel like fish out of water, suffocating, even if - for the time being - almost everybody has their natural necessities provided.

They simply have no other prospects, goals, purpose, or meaning.

This is why it is crucial to introduce a completely new upbringing, education, “positive propaganda” about what “being Human” means, how together we can find much better, higher goals and purposes, while raising our existence to qualitatively much higher levels.

It is especially important now as more and more people will lose their jobs, finding even catering for their basic necessities difficult.

So while governments will have to provide those necessities, they - or other, more suitable organizations - will also need to provide the education on how we can reorganize, upgrade our mutual connections, society so we all have what we need but we also know what to live for!