We will become as One, by using our individual uniqueness for the sake of all

Opinion from the Internet on the idea of forming a single, Human super-organism according to evolution’s direction:

“I am more inclined to say that what we do as a group becomes intelligent or a manifestation of wisdom/compassion when we have as individuals developed an intent to see through our self-deceptions and engage our world from that perspective…. None of the group efforts to become or take on a new and fresh perspective of being human have ever worked for any significant period of time. The most observable reason is, that realization cannot be found in any kind of ideology or doctrines that often seem necessary, for a group perspective. Insight is always personal and the extent to which it can be shared is more based on the intent and inspiration of the ones who have that kind of aspiration, than anything else. So you could say that “spiritual realization” can become contagious given the best of circumstances, but there is no guarantee, it is accomplished by a search for freedom, that cannot be institutionalized without becoming some sort of bondage…”

Yes I agree, probably I did not express myself correctly, but I am with you.

The most important from what you said is that no changes can be sustainable if they are done by coercion, scaring people into it, misleading them in an institutionalized manner.

Whatever we go through people have to choose it willingly from free choice, them knowing exactly what they are choosing.

The changes I was talking about are unprecedented in Human history, as both our circumstances and evolution requires us to change. And in truth Human beings achieved a lot through millennia, but inside we have never changed. Our “modus operandi” — filling ourselves with as much pleasure as possible, mostly at the expense of others — remained the same.

And now, in order to solve problems in a global world and safeguard our collective survival — which has to be collective as evolution treats as a single entity — we need to start making calculations for the collective instead of the usual, instinctive, self-serving, self-justifying calculations.

But our individual uniqueness, the personal viewpoint will never disappear. We won’t become uniform like in communistic dystopias.

At this stage, the closest example I could give you is how professional sports teams work, with egotistic, narcissistic, proudly individualistic millionaires, who agree to unite, put away their personal rivalry in order to achieve a common goal that is utmost important for all: to win.

As we keep suffering from the pandemic and the evolving socio-economic crisis — most of all as we can’t cooperate, work together as a global team — we have identified our “winning trophy”: survival in a global, fully integrated world which will happen only in the manner of “one for all, all for one”.

In this, each individual and nation can use their own special talents, abilities, good and negative characteristics in order to facilitate this goal.

Later on — when we secured our collective survival through this cooperation — we will start to see that actually such collective existence, making calculations for the others ahead of selfish calculations gives us much more than mere survival. Through the desires and viewpoints of others, we will be able to see a much more complete, multi-dimensional reality we had no idea about before. It is like starting coloring a children’s book with simple sketches and the pages come alive.

We will reach a stage where through such development we sense, feel that whole Humanity and the world as our own part, each representing unique qualities in ourselves. And we live for them. But it still the “I” who sees, experiences it, it is the “I” who observes the complete, absolute reality through them — as long as I willingly agree to live for them, serve them instead of myself.

But again, the whole process unfolds only as long as the person agrees to it as one sees the benefit in progressing compared to staying as one is at present.



I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.

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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.