We study something passionately when we need what we learn

Question from the Internet:

“What made you thirsty and passionate about learning everything you can from anyone no matter how big or small?”

Beyond the complicated surface we are very “simple creatures”, everything is driven by desires, need.
Thus we learn something with thirst, passion, dedication and determination when we need what we learn.

We can also learn through coercion, when others are forcing us to learn something, there the need that keeps us moving is the need to avoid punishment, suffering.

What made me thirsty and passionate about learning everything possible about Human purpose in life, about how the system of existence, Nature works and what our unique Human role in this system might be, is the need to survive first of all.

After all we can see how much we are lost, how desperately helpless we are in facing the increasing global problems as we don’t know either the system we exist in, nor do we know ourselves. We don’t fit into Nature’s otherwise integrated, interdependent system where apart from Humans everything is harmoniously interconnected, complementing each other.

Instead of complementing, contributing we are destroying, consuming everything like cancer.

Beyond this basic need to survive there is also an even greater, higher need to understand why we are called Human, how we can justify ourselves as Human beings, as the “crown of evolution”.

These needs, necessities made me passionate, determined and fully dedicated to learn everything that could be learned moreover to practically implement everything we can as without such practical implementation the study is worthless.