We perceive reality in contrasts

Question from the Internet:

“Does someone have to have been unhappy to properly appreciate happiness?”

Yes. Contrast, “comparative research” is the basis of our perception of reality.

Without knowing hot, we wouldn’t be able to discern cold, without bitter we wouldn’t know what sweet is.

And it is even more true for the deeply Human emotions of happiness and love. Without sadness and hate the happiness and love we feel, follow, is just an idea, shadow of the true feeling.

Which means that in our default state - where we instinctively suppress, run away from negative sensations, emotional impressions, and can’t hold onto to contrasting, opposing emotions at the same time, we are not equipped to attain true happiness and love.

This is why we need a unique, purposeful and highly practical educational method that can help us “upgrade”, develop our perception, emotional ability so we can receive reality - and thus reveal true happiness and love - in live, parallel contrasts.