We need “true “Natural” love” to escape our inherent, personal prisons

By default, we are born into our own, personal prisons.

We are all born with an inherently egocentric, subjective consciousness and perception of reality — as confirmed by material psychology and quantum physics alike — thus instead of “true reality” we sense ourselves living in our own “Plato’s Caves”, in dark, hostile bubbles we build and animate for ourselves.

Escaping ourselves

The only escape rout we have — as unique, original, empirical Natural scientists tell us who completely attained the details, cause and effect processes of the inherently selfish, egotistic Human nature in contrast to Nature’s selfless, altruistic, unconditionally serving qualities- is by liberating ourselves from our inherent dark, caves in order to rise above our original, egocentric and subjective consciousness and perception.

Inhumane Love

This “true love” is not “Humane”, as we cannot love, act without receiving some selfish, subjective fulfillment for “loving, caring for” others. This is how we are born, built by Nature, we had no free choice about it, so such an innate attitude cannot be called evil or sinful. This is simply who we are.

“Falling in Love”

The only difference between the two, contrasting pictures is the acquired, “true, Natural love”. I, the observer, am the same, the world, all the others are the same. The only factor that changes the picture from one extreme to the other is this new “loving attitude” I copied on myself from Nature’s system.



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Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.