We need to use our free choice wisely!

Question from the Internet:

“If everything is determined, can we be held responsible for our actions?”

Of course not! How can we blame one who has no free choice in one’s actions!

This is why Humans beings born inherently self-serving, self-justifying, exploiting each other and Nature is neither evil, nor is it sinful.

The whole Human history so far has been a blind, instinctive affair, like a movie that was screened in a movie theatre. We simply, passively went through the motions like supporting actors in a cosmic drama.

Free choice, blame, “reward and punishment” starts from the moment when we recognize the inherent program that drives us, we realize how destructive, self-destructive it is, and we also find, open a unique, purposeful and highly practical educational method, through which we can change, upgrade ourselves.

Today we are standing at this unprecedented junction in Human history, when we received the first chance for true free choice, choosing to consciously, purposefully change ourselves sensing the threat of total self-annihilation our inherent program is driving us towards, while finding, opening the necessity method of correction.

As a unique paradox, the total chaos, imminent danger of wars, socio-economic collapse we are facing today is actually the sign for much better things to come, as now by “running away from the bad” we can progress towards a qualitatively much higher, safer, fairer, sustainable and more prosperous collective Human existence - provided we use it free choice wisely!