We need to “return" to Nature

Question from the Internet:

“What are some ways to return to the indigenous concept of good living?”

I suppose you mean a lifestyle that is closer to Nature, a lifestyle that is based on communal, collective living, mutual sharing.

And indeed we will need to return to such a lifestyle in order to reach balance with Nature, and to become compatible with the strict, unrelenting natural laws that sustain the homeostasis life and optimal development depends on.

The problem is that our inherently selfish, individualistic, exploitative ego is incomparably stronger, more intense than the ego the original indigenous people had, or even indigenous people still living according to the original tribal, collective manner had.

We can’t simply return to a simple hunter/gatherer lifestyle and we don’t need to.

By learning and adapting to the above mentioned natural laws, by adapting ourselves to the optimal parameters of true, modern, natural necessities and available natural resources we can maintain a comfortable, technological advanced lifestyle, without the excessive overconsumption, without the endless, self-justifying, destructive ruthless competition, without trying to succeed, survive at each other’s expense.