We need to restore the “safety net of the public” based on Mutual Guarantee learned from Nature

Opinion from the Internet on the role of governments, public:

“It’s not the human life that has any value, it’s the need to save humans in our own self-interest. Humans are social creatures and the more we united to save each other and entrain that in our collective maturity so that we can make the most of life.

Before 1914, there was no welfare, no rent control, and no free healthcare yet Americans flourished as Humans have never in history if this lamer. The reason for that, that the actual social safety net was the other citizens, and that made people honest, caring and all was well.

After affirmative action, welfare, and everything else we gave people incentive to lose the meaning of pursuit of happiness. That’s why crime went up, we had our first recession that turned into depression because the government intervened.

Any time government does anything it hurts citizens, the road to hell is paved with beautiful government intentions.”

I fully agree with you

Right now the government — not only in America — serves only the market and financial interests of the establishment, closing people into an artificial and inhuman Matrix, using people as “good workers and consumers” of goods, services only, while providing a brainless entertainment industry — “circus and bread” — to keep people serving the system.

I agree with you also that the ideal system should be a mutually responsible, mutually contributing network of the “citizens”. But in order to know how to build such a network most effectively, we will need the right, purposeful and highly practical educational method. And that method has to be built not on misguided Human philosophies, ideologies we devise with our inherently self-oriented, subjective mindset, but it needs to be built on Nature’s unchanging laws that sustain balance and homeostasis in closed, living, integral systems — like Humanity.