We need to look into the mirror to know who we are, so we could finally change ourselves, develop further!

Zsolt Hermann
4 min readAug 6, 2020


Opinion from the Internet on how the Human ego plays a role in our increasing problems, when we should achieve global unity, cooperation to solve our problems:

This — ” becoming a multi-cellular Human organism” - seems irrational and fundamentally different from the first time that took millions of years.

We are at a place in global warming where enormous actions are needed immediately. Your wholesale description of humanity as “egotistical” does not connect well nor does its pessimism provide hope.

The human mind is capable of far more than it is used for. It may well be that we inherited a short term bias from hunter-gatherers.

The study of existing hunter-gatherer tribes show very small egoistical behavior indicating it is not hard-wired. We are already experiencing signs of catastrophe from warming including migrations from uninhabitable areas and immense storms with scientists talking of category six hurricanes.

I cannot see any possibility of any kind of widespread human attitude changes soon enough. The planet will keep warming and in habitual areas shrinking. Short of a leader with immense knowledge and leadership qualities, a very unlikely possibility, we will end up with a planet with less than half its present population or less.

This is impossible to forecast. Your concept of a new evolution could happen with the extinction of humanity caused by an uninhabitable planet.

Your egotistical blanket condemnation neglects the large number of people giving dangerous health care as well as many others.

The mystery for me is a hoarding instinct, the desire to continue to acquire more wealth when already possessing too much. Another mystery is why politicians could not bring themselves to heed clear warnings from clearly non-egotistical scientists.

The invention of agriculture destroyed the hunter-gatherer life that existed for 90% of human existence. It seems to me that the “progress” of agriculture made food too plentiful and accelerated overpopulation and making large wealth gathering possible and triggering ideologies that encouraged even more wealth hoarding while suppressing teaching science and a deeper understanding of humanity.

We have backed ourselves into a corner. Politics and religion are enough to make a global wave Impossible soon enough if ever.

We teach a curriculum fundamentally 500 years old. And now we have a leader and politics and evangelical religion who have lost all sanity. Your blanket characterization of humanity may, in my opinion, be the wrong one but it leads to a similar conclusion, except that it is like everything else either too little or too much too late.

I fully agree with your description, but you describe the effects, I try to explain the cause, which cause is unpleasant to hear, and the remedy - that we all need to change ourselves (and not only a few rotten apples) - is even more unpleasant.

We are like a person who goes to the doctor suspecting a small illness that is easy to treat, to hear that actually the illness is life-threatening in an advanced stage and the treatment is painful - from our inherently egocentric, subjective viewpoint - but it guarantees full healing.

The original “hunter-gatherers” being almost completely integrated into Nature doesn’t prove that we are not programmed to be selfish and exploitative. The Human ego is not static, it has been developing, growing, intensifying for millennia, and even within today’s generation, it is on different levels of development.

Human history is the chronicle of the ever-growing ego.

I don’t “condemn” Humanity to be egotistic, I simply describe what our original nature, the program is, which we received from Nature’s evolution. This also means that there is nothing to condemn, after all, how can we be responsible for something we are born with?!

But this is our engine, the motor that separated Humans from other animals, and this is what we now have to modify, channel, complement if we want to survive in the global, integral evolutionary conditions we find ourselves in. And it specifically the unique Human mind — which we haven’t used yet to its full potential — that can help us in this unique endeavor.

Will everybody agree to the diagnosis and treatment? Probably not, as addicted personalities tend to downplay the problem and can’t stop whatever they are doing.

But a few people will agree and start changing, improving themselves, attaining a second nature which is selfless, altruistic, making a calculation from the same of others, and then later as they progress positively and the others keep sinking even deeper into crisis, more and more people will agree and start changing themselves.

This is the “path of suffering” changing as a result of intolerable pain.

But we can also change proactively, swiftly, by understanding the cause of our historic problems — by looking into a unique, brutally honest mirror to see who we are, what drives us — and why we need to change, what we gain by this — by studying Nature’s evolution and ourown place, purpose in it. This is the wiser path.



Zsolt Hermann

I am a Hungarian-born Orthopedic surgeon presently living in New Zealand, with a profound interest in how mutually integrated living systems work.