We need to learn “morality” from Nature

Question from the Internet:

“What moral practices are required to be adopted in our deteriorated society? How much we are responsible for the odd environment around us?”

In our deteriorated society all the moral principles are also deteriorated, including everything religions, spiritual teachings and philosophers teach.

This is nobody’s fault.

We are all born with an inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egocentric, and exploitative nature and whatever Humanity has ever built, invented, developed, and accepted is by default serving this inherent nature.

In order to develop worthy moral principles, worthy foundations for a new Human society, first of all, we would need to learn how to rise above, liberate ourselves from our instincts, automatic attitude, reactions.

Only in this way could we finally “derail” Humanity’s blind, instinctive development, stumbling from one recurring historic vicious cycle to another, falling into the same traps, mistakes, crimes all the time.

This is the way we could prevent our own civilization to plunge into an unprecedented global explosion that could wipe most of Humanity out due to the intense hate and our collective, destructive ability combined with our global interconnections and interdependence.

True “morality”, “values” are found only in Nature’s perfect system that is built on selfless, altruistic, unconditionally serving interconnections. Nature uses such “morality” to sustain the balance and homeostasis without which life, optimal development is impossible.

Humanity now has to copy Nature’s template into Human societies, rebuilding Human relationships based on Nature’s interconnections. Then we will be able to solve our mounting global problems and safeguard our collective Human survival.

Moreover, through our mutual integration, we would achieve similarity, “matching frequencies” with Nature’s integral system.

As a result, we would acquire a very unique, insider Human observer viewpoint within Nature’s system — in contrast to the limited and distorted, egocentric, and subjective viewpoint we have now. This unprecedented duality, insider/outsider viewpoint, the contrast would make us true empirical scientists of Nature, becoming able to sense and attain the system’s utter perfection from within.

This is our unique, evolutionary Human purpose in life.