We need to learn about the Integral System we evolved into

Question from the Internet:

“Is it ever going to be possible to separate the economic and social impacts of Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic? How will we be able to tell whether Brexit ‘worked’?”

This is the problem with evolving into a globally interconnected and interdependent world. One cannot separate local, national issues, events from the general, global ones.

In closed, living, integral systems — what Humanity has also become according to Nature’s evolution, survival necessity — everything is integrated, all, seemingly minuscule, local actions change, modify the whole system even if on the surface we do not see, understand how.

No self-serving, self-justifying, individual, local, national decisions, actions can be successful in Nature’s fully integrated system, as by that we break the “iron laws” that sustain balance and homeostasis in the system. Especially not ones that are built for the exploitation of others for the benefit, the profit of the few.

Humanity is an integral part of Nature, we have to follow the same laws our own cells, organs follow in our biological bodies in order to remain healthy whether we want it or not.

While this sounds negative it is not.

We received the “selfish, destructive ego” from evolution, as with its help Humanity is the only element of Nature that can achieve — through a special, purposeful, methodical self-correction, self-upgrade by education — integration consciously, against the egotistic contrast. This makes us — potentially — Nature’s only fully aware, independent observers, witnesses which is the role, purpose Nature’s evolution assigned to us.