We need to justify being the “peak of natural evolution"

Question from the Internet:

“Why do human beings think they are superior? Why do we let greed define us as a being?”

This is how we are born, this is how natural evolution “created us". We are driven by an insatiable, selfish desire to attain, consume everything for ourselves.

Without this all-powerful, irrepressible inner force humanity world have never developed, achieved what we have achieved. Without this unique human ego we would have remained exactly like other developed primates, unchanged for millions of years.

It is true that now, in the totally integrated, interdependent world our ego makes us behave like cancer. But we shall have a unique human intellect, capable of critical self-assessment, initiating self-change.

So now as we sense a seemingly inevitable self-destruction of we don’t change ourselves, we can consciously learn how to harness, channel our insatiable egos towards positive, collective purposes, towards becoming compatible with nature’s integrated, interdependent system, to become the systems benevolent partners.

Then we can finally justify “feeling superior", to be the peak of natural evolution, using everything we have to safeguard, sustain, develop the system in the most optimal way.