We need to discuss — and feel — our total interdependence

Question from the Internet:

“What societal issue does not get discussed enough when it should?”

We do not discuss — as we still do not understand — our explosive, present-day paradox between the inherently egocentric, subjective, individualistic human nature and the globally integrated, fully interdependent conditions we evolved into.

All our constantly growing, seemingly unsolvable global problems originate from the fact, that we try to solve problems that require positive, global, mutually responsible, and mutually complementing cooperation in the usual, individualistic, nationalistic, ruthlessly competitive way.

Thus we need to discuss how our original instinctive nature, behavior is incompatible with our evolutionary conditions which conditions we cannot change as they are based on the strict, unchanging laws of Nature.

As a result, we need a unique, purposeful, and practical “Integral Education” to help us understand, moreover feel our total interdependence so we could learn and practice how to rise above our egotistic, individualistic instincts and start existing according to the laws of Nature, as individual cells of the same living organism.