We need to come to our “Natural” senses

There is only one thing for Humanity to become successful instead of continuing on the present self-destructive path: to become aware of the actual laws governing balance and homeostasis in Nature and to accept that we need to align our development with Nature’s deterministic and relentless evolutionary plan.

So far everything we developed, built, changed, destroyed, gathered and hunted was based on our unique, egocentric, subjective and individualistic consciousness and perception that has disconnected us from Nature’s otherwise perfect integration, “circle of life”.

Nature “gave us birth” outside of its system, as if we were a baby that was abandoned by its mother. This is purposeful from evolution to give Human beings independence and a chance to develop a conscious mind that can observe Nature as an “outsider”.

We are not doing anything wrong, we are neither evil nor sinful, we triumphantly follow our inherent program, fulfilling our insatiable desire for fulfillment and pleasures, while competing with each other and Nature as if we lived in a system with infinite resources, endless expansion.

This is what the notion of the “American Dream” and free-market capitalism is built on, this is how the principle of “what is mine is mine, what is yours is yours” works on. We simply do not take into consideration, do not feel, or ignore that the Natural system and Humanity are not infinite, cannot expand endlessly to provide everyone the opportunity to grab whatever they want for themselves.

Now as the world has become “closed”, fully integrated, and interdependent we have started to consume Nature and each other.

The solution is “education”, but an education that gives not only knowledge but also gives actual, tangible and realistic feelings, emotional impressions that can change us.

We need to feel “in our bones” what it means to exist in a fully integrated and interdependent system. We have to feel that my personal life intricately depends on the life, health, development of everybody else as if we were cells of the same body, organism.

Only when we actually feel this will we willingly start changing, accepting the laws of integration: to live through selfless, altruistic, mutually responsible and mutually complementing interconnections within the optimal parameters of natural necessities and available resources.

We will freely choose this as we will feel without any doubt that only this way can we all survive and rise to a qualitatively much higher level of existence, exactly like when single-cell organisms “decided” to form multi-cellular organisms due to the evolutionary advantage.

The change will unfold only if the unique education will provide us with this visceral feeling. Otherwise no knowledge, philosophical thinking can help us, especially not as we are sentient, emotional creatures, only true feelings, emotional impressions can change us.

So now we have to use the other “present” we received from Nature’s evolution: our unique Human mind capable of critical self-assessment, initiating self-change. Through this unique mind of ours, we can recognize where we are heading “outside” of Nature’s jurisdiction and can accept the above-mentioned education that can in turn give us the actual feeling of existing in an integral system.

From then on we are wise enough to figure out how to change ourselves and the way we live.