We need to change our viewpoint in order to understand the meaning of life

Question from the Internet:

“Has science proven that life is meaningless? Is nihilism the only logical perspective?”

No, science hasn’t proven that life is meaningless.

In fact our present sciences can’t actually prove anything, it can’t even find the root causes and solutions for the seemingly “mundane”, global problems that threaten Human existence.

We can’t properly research and prove anything as our inherent consciousness, perception is egocentric, subjective, each of us seeing our own reality and honestly, vehemently believing in its validity.

We will not be able to research reality and attain objective, truthful findings without first researching, adjusting, upgrading the “observers” - ourselves. Without attaining an unprecedented, truly selfless, objective viewpoint we remain locked into our instinctively self-serving, self-justifying, introverted, dark caves.

And only when we acquired such selfless, objective research ability - which anybody can achieve through a unique, purposeful and highly practical educational method - can we understand Nature’s system, its deterministic developmental plan.

And then in that plan we will find our own, very special, evolutionary Human role, purpose. And then attaining and fulfilling that Human role, purpose will become our meaning in life.