We need to change our definition, understanding about Globalization

Question from the Internet:

“Do you think there would be a change in the definition of globalization as the world faces the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic?”

I very much hope so!

We need to shift from the narrow definition of looking at globalization as something concerning only markets, financial systems, businesses to a wider, more correct understanding.

As the pandemic shows us, “globalization” means existing in a globally integrated, interdependent system. As we can very sharply feel now, we fully dependent on each other and we have 100% responsibility towards each other.

“Globalization” is not something man-made, we live in a global and integral Natural system where all parts, elements are intricately interconnected. And the balance, homeostasis life and optimal development depends on requires the full, altruistic, mutual integration between the parts.

And since Humanity as a single species is also integral part of Nature, the laws sustaining balance and homeostasis are also obligating us! Thus we need to learn how we need to adapt to Nature’s “globalization” above and against our inherently egocentric, individualistic, exploitative Human nature, Human society.